A music producer is the person who helps the artist achieve goals when it comes to creating his/her music and turning it into a tangible, ready for market product.
S/he has the proven experience, abilities and knowledge to assist in many different subjects. From the composition stage assisting to create effective arrangements, already keeping in mind how things in the studio will go. Hence optimising the work effectiveness and lowering costs by avoiding problems and issues during the process. To the future stages once the product is ready.
A producer also helps the band finding their sound and in the case of solo artists connecting with the best available musicians to support him/her. S/he gives direction impartially helping you grow. Brings out strengths in the artist which the artist him/herself was not even were of.
A producer deals with strategies to achieve every target, from having good music, high quality recording and human team, advising and guiding in the Bussiness so the artist can make the most of it.
A producer can help getting the funds needed for the job at hand. The key contacts for the future of the project-enterprise. Growing your network and reach.
And very importantly, a producer allows you to focus on your music and only the tasks you want to be doing while knowing the rest is being taken care of.

How many musicians end up spending more than they budgeted for their recording. 
Not finding the sound they will be recognised and sought for. Or end up with a large amount of stock product (CDs, Albums, Books, Merchandising, etc) which is not moving. Never finding their breakthrough. The majority of these underestimated the job of a good producer. 

A music producer is also a person to trust it is in his or her hands getting the best for you. Helping you learn and grow. S/he is although many times underestimated, a precious member of your team. 


My commitment with you, should you decide to let me in your musical world, is to provide all the things above. And make available anything in my hands for our vision to prosper.
Together we will reach successful results, find solutions to the problems along the way. We will grow as a team-family working on the same goals, being on the same page. All of it by keeping our feet on the ground in order to build a solid stable ever growing musical career. 
All my experience along with the experience of so many producers, musicians, Music Bussiness individuals and companies, legal advisers and personal growth professionals I have learnt from, have access to and deal with in my everyday life.


Simply put… by doing many things.
I started with a very well seasoned career as a musician performer-session musician in Los Angeles, USA. Later on I developed my own unique solo artist career as “the guy of the world music and its guitars”. I studied and work on different angles of music like composing, arranging and orchestrating, performing, being a musical director, music consultant and a long et cetera.
However at the same time and since young I kept nurturing my parallel passions like sound engineering. Studying lots of books and courses about the subject. When I was a session musician in Hollywood I was known as “the guy who comes to play for the recording but always end up having lunch with the sound engineer and music producer”, I was basically and sincerely eating their brains.
I have mixed and mastered many recordings for a vast variety of styles and in the most rare and unique situations. From field recordings to very fancy recording studios.
I’ve always been very interested in Music Bussiness, or business in general. How to create, develop, monetise and move product. Also in the legal side of it. How to get paid my royalties or negotiating contracts and even drafting them.
When I was a teenager I also got hooked up to “personal growth studies”. Seriously studying the works of wonderful teachers like Tony Robbins, Wayne.W.Dyer, Earl Nightingale, Napoleon Hill, Bob Proctor and a very, very long et cetera.

After so many years doing so many things for my own career first and to help others. Nowadays I dare to say I professionally do that… produce for other people.


Just drop me a message in the following contact form. Let's set a meeting to talk and go from there.